February 2, 2009

Oct 18

I think that most of my life I dreamed of the day of my wedding and who I would marry. It happened a whole lot sooner than I ever imagined. When we were "courting," Mondo told me to make a list to God of 10 things I wanted, and prayed for, in a husband. Because I was in such confusion most of our relationship and didnt know if we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. Plust I never wanted to date, and if I was with Mondo it had to be the real thing. So I made that list. . . dont know what I did with it sadly. . . and It was him. And the list he made, he wrote before he even knew me, and it turned out to be exactly me. What a way for it to be confirmed that we would be together forever huh? God wound up doing that so much for me. Soon after this happened mondo started telling everyone I was his courter, wich sounded funny but in their confusion we just laughed :)

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