March 30, 2009


Have you ever been so overcome with love and joy that you feel like crying? Have you ever felt that way for no particular reason? *sigh* It feels so good :) I think my week started out that way because I prayed that every customer at work would see Christ through me, that even just my shadow would bring healing to other peoples lives, and that God would help me to love others just as He loves them. I just get tired of angry and unhappy people comin in to work and I want so bad for them to feel Gods love and joy. So the day I did that I just could not stop smiling, and I was so overcome with love for people that I didnt even know. It felt awesome. Then yesterday again it happened while I was at home with Mondo and it was his birthday... I made dinner and we were watchin movies and just being there as his wife cooking for him, makes me feel so good. Sometimes I get irritated that we can be lazy and the house isnt ever as clean as I want it to be, and sometimes Im just grumpy and tired for no reason, but not yesterday. I was almost in tears, I was so happy! And I couldnt even explain it just that God is good, and He has created a great life for me.

I love my hubby :)

So that's my other prayer today: to be full of Gods love and compassion, for my heart to break for what breaks his and that I would give up living for myself and give in to everything I know and love about Christ, to walk everyday on His path, to put Him first in everything I do.

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