November 2, 2011

Cannot say enough about you.

My husband got me an iPhone. SURPRISE! I was not expecting that to happen.
Yes I've needed a new phone for a long time.
But we've been so broke.
Well we still are, but we're trying!
He got a bonus at his new job and spent it on me..
So can you imagine how excited I am that I get to take and send lots of pictures?? :)
Here's what's been going on here lately..

{sibling love}

{cousin Tre sleeping}

{insert heart here}

{Trevors dad texted to say he would be late picking
him up and this picture was my reply. Yep I got my Dr. Pepper
that day ;}

{nap time right now..}

{It's hard to believe how big this
guy is getting.}

{i know this post says Wed. and thisorthat is for Thur. but all my
 this or that photos are already posted here from my new phone ;) }


Notice anything different?
I figured out to add pages.
Always wanted to do that.. can't believe it took me this long to figure it out!
So "about me" is up top now.
And a new page for November that everyone should see.


I am content today. Especially right at this moment. As much as i love music I really dont feel like turning it on. The quiet is so peaceful.
The kids are all happy. Well, theyre sleeping. Hopefully theyre happy.
Yep I got all 3 kids to sleep at once.
I think I'll go rest too.
Or watch Bones.
Hmm.. hard choice today.

God bless!



deb duty said...

That is so exciting and so very kind of your husband to surprise you like that! Looks like you are putting it to good use already. Really cute photos!

Darcie said...

Thanks! I love it, it takes awesome photos

Tamar SB said...

What a sweet guy you have!! Love the pics, and enjoy your new phone/toy!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful pics! Now no one is safe with a camera around ~Bravo on adding pages ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/This and That

Stacia said...

I looooooooove Dr. Pepper. Some friends brought some to us from Germany (we are in Romania), and I could barely drink it. The European version tastes different! So next time you have one, enjoy it a little bit extra for me, okay? =>

Darcie said...

will do! :D