November 4, 2011

Embracing more than the camera

My heart is thankful.
It's full.
Overflowing in fact.

I am embracing more than the camera right now. 

I'm taking in all the joy I get from some people and random things in my life...


Playing on Daddy's bed when he is at work. 


My daughter. 

My husbands hobbies. He keeps life interesting. 
He's planning on
getting all this gold and cashing it in..  anyone 
have an old cell phone he can have? ;)

 I'm thankful for baskets of folded laundry. Cause look what you can do
when you dump them out... 

and spidey man

(a lot of days i am so very grateful for sleeping kids.. just sayin.. ;)

 The $ store wings


 Big eyes

 nice fancy glasses of apple cider

and last (for tonight)
this blog

God bless

{is there something you are thankful for? Join in he month long thankful party here!}


Nicole said...

such a wonderful list. the cider looks so yummy!


Dawnee said...

And *I* am thankful for YOU!!!!!