November 5, 2011

It is what it is

I'm thankful for neighbors. This particular one always has hand made signs out. I think they change it every couple of weeks.
We live on a pretty slow street so I stopped (yes in the middle of the road!) and snapped a photo. I go out of my way to drive passed this house just to check out the signs.

You know what else? I'm so thankful we get to see green again. Grass and trees and bushes and the park. Living in the apartment just didnt feel "home" enough to me. 
There's just something about walking out the front door to concrete everywhere.. i did not like it. 
Now I walk out the door and see grass and roses and trees and squirrels. 



Living with my husbands mom means I get to see his senior pictures that are still displayed on the desk everyday ;)

and random trips to rite aid. they tire out my baby girl. we went 20 minutes away to rite aid just to see nana (who just happens to be on lunch break!) and get diapers. 

What are YOU thankful for? 
Let everyone know here
God Bless


Olivia said...

Your daughter is so precious!! I love that they put out new signs, that is awesome!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the pic of Razza!

Faith said...

It is what it is - sometimes that has saved my sanity... It's words to live by that's for sure. Love those whips at our house. When the weather was warmer my kids would ask for them all of the time. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Dawnee said...

I think that is the weirdest saying, "it is what it is." Well of course it is what it is! If it wasn't, it wouldn't be! :)