November 6, 2011

Me and my Blog

I'm created a memory of me documenting 
memories ;)
It will be fun to look on this photo one day 
and smile, remembering all the fun I've had with my blog. I will probably still be blogging that one day. I dont think Ill 
ever get enough of it!

There it is.
Your turn.

you & your blog at finding joy


Rachel said...

I LOVE your words! You are exactly right -- someday that simple picture will be so dear to you. We have records of so many things and I love the idea of us documenting us with our blogs.

Blessings to you! And thank you for adding your picture.


angie on maui said...

There is so much joy to be had in blogging, isn't there? Of course it is important to find a healthy balance as with all creative outlets and passions, but the blog world is like a gift that keeps on many amazing people to "meet"!

Now I am curious about that to check it out!

Have a great week!

Beth in NC said...

Great picture! I thought this was such a fun idea!

I came over from Rachel's place. :o)

Have a great evening!

Alene said...

I love your site here. Great pics. I linked up too. Sure wish I had captured more bloggy moments along the journey. Blessings.

Kelly said...

Stopping by from Rachel's..

Jenilee said...

I agree... I Don't think I'll ever stop blogging but I love pics to record the journey! :) I love your header by the way!