November 7, 2011

Life made Lovely Monday

I've been fighting a cold all week. When things started to look up and my energy was coming back i woke up feeling so bad. 
Half a voice. 
So I am thankful for Coffee and Vanilla Caramel creamer. 
My coffee will never be the same. 
It was just enough to pick me up and be able to chase my two monkeys around. 
They make me laugh. (I'm grateful that they do that more than make me yell or pull my hair out. Terrible twos anyone?)

I decided to hunt out my show Bones. 7th season is on TV now and I still need to watch the rest of the 6th. 
While I was at it I got to read through all my favorite blogs. 
All the while hearing my toddler singing the alphabet a million times and ways. 
And pushing pause every so often to put Emery back over "The Great Wall of China Salem"

{after being stuck in the toybox, or rather distracted by the toys, he got out}

It was a lovely, lazy Monday. Maybe stuff will get done tomorrow? 
I should do some birthday planning. 
We'll see. 

{another must of my day is adding to my instagram from my new phone}


deb duty said...

Cute photos! I hope you are feeling better soon. The caramel creamer sounds delicious. Almost makes me want to drink coffee!

Marilyn said...

Such cute photo's.. So lovely : )).. That caramel creamer is a MUST-sounds soo yummy.. Stopping in to check out your month of thanks.. Can't wait to read more. Wishing you an amazing Tuesday.. ~M

Collie said...

Way to spend the day.........great pics my dear. Feel better.