November 1, 2011

Thankful Party

We should give thanks more than just one day a year. 
You may be blessed every day even if you don't see it. 
I want to see it.

Not only that, I want to give my thanks for those blessings. So my prayer is that I will focus on them everyday. And as I see them I would smile, and write them down. So by blogging all month long about my blessings, big and small, I will form a good habit of giving thanks. Putting my focus in a more productive place. 

So today, this morning, I am thankful for a lot of things. 

STARBUCKS doubleshot

The Wizard of Oz




Pumpkins and Markers. But mostly the bathtub.

The lady at the check stand at safeway Halloween night. 
She gave Riah a late night snack and to my surprize was opened 
in the backseat on the way home. 
"Crunch Crunch." 

My husband. He gets a new job and then with his first
bonus surprises me with an iPhone. Thank you Mondo :)

Mondos mom. She has taken 4 extra people 
into her house. 
She made space in her room for a toddler bed.
I'm already learning a lot from her. 

So what are YOU thankful for? Write a post about something or more than one thing that you are thankful for and link your blog post below. (Link this post here or grab my button for your post to show your friends who your linking up with)


Kathryn said...

beautiful idea. i have a guest post on thanks coming up, so hope to link it when it publishes!

Dawnee said...

I will write up what I am thankful for tonight and link up! Great idea Darcielue!

Becki said...

great idea darlin'! count me in!!

Darcie said...

Sounds great Kathryn! I am keeping this up all month.
Thank you for who has participated so far.. It was fun figuring out how to do this and even more fun to see you guys reply!

Darcie said...

I put the linky party up top in its own page for anyone wanting to ad posts :)