May 18, 2009


So here I am, posting a month late. :) I am 12 weeks pregnant and EXAUSTED! No one told me how tired id be. Its gettin a little better though. Seeing the excitement all around about the news was so much fun, now I'm in the process of fixing up my house and planning what we need and also planning on getting a nanny job after a while. Not sure if I should before or after I have the baby but that's my plan. I wish I had the photos on me that I've taken but that'll just be for another day :)
I love being pregnant, love my belly growing. Love the baby magazines and planning for the future. I am on the other hand ready for my energy to boost up. It's been hard to work and t hen hard to stay awake long enough to keep the house cleaned. Mondos been great and Its so fun to see how excited he is. Hes gunna be a great Daddy!
He picked the boy name and I picked the girls.
Simeon Nathanial: (In Hebrew The meaning of the name Simon is: Variant of Simeon: Obedient; listening; little hyena.)
Azariah McKenzy: (In Hebrew The meaning of the name Azariah is: Variant of Azarael: God helps.)
I cant wait to see what he/she looks like =)

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