September 3, 2009

Addison Road "What do i know of Holy" and my struggle

Father, what's keeping me so far from You? What's keeping me from Your word? I'm not living everyday as if You're the number 1 I say You are. Is it because I've got this beautiful bab growing inside me Is it because I lived disconected from my earthly father? I miss You, I need You. I really need You. I go to church every sunday so disconected and not wanting to be there. ut I'm seeing Your glimpses everyonce in a while, like i used to. My eyes must be searching while my flesh goes on living...
What do I know of Holy? Why do I have good days and then when I have to be at work I'm stubborn and mopy because I dont wanna be there? Why do I declare to others that I love You, but I no longer declare to You what You mean to me? If You touched my face, would I know You? What do I know of Holy?
I miss having moments everyday where I'm in awe of You, help me focus again. I'm well fed, blessed with a baby girl, bills are paid, Mondo and I are in love, It's You I'm craving. I want to know more of You.

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