December 25, 2009


Christmas Eve

I think its funny how much knowledge I have about children and being a nanny/mothers helper I’ve learned so much. But once you become pregnant yourself you learn things youd never have thought of, things people don’t tell you about their pregnancy. This is going to sound bad… but I craved beer more than anything. Never thought O’douls would taste soo good hehe. Also I used to think breast feeding was just so natural that it would just happen… not so. It was hard and I still feel a little bad because I couldn’t stick to it. BUT she is still getting the good milk, I just have to pump every other hour so she has it.
The first night home she had a travel bed and I put it on the bed with me and she slept right next to me all night. Our bedroom is where the crib is, well because there is only one bedroom here. If you saw my house youd understand the space… So with her cute little blankets and diaper box all set up, she sleeps sideways in her crib next to my bed. That is when she sleeps hehe. Shes pretty good. Loves her binky. Loves eating of course. Loves when her nana collie talks to her. Calms down when her daddy picks her up and tells her crazy stories that don’t make sense. She has the biggest blue eyes and the longest piano fingers.
Today she is 22 days old. That went really fast…. Tomorrow is her first Christmas. I don’t have a tree up or even room for one. House is a mess and crowded with stuff. Daddy lost his job right after she was born. As frustrating as things could seem right now, I know tomorrow is a new day. I have the best family and were happy. God is so good to us. Merry Christmas Azariah my baby doll :)

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