January 15, 2010

Wish blogging was a daily thing

I love being a momkmy. Tiring of course, and I never knew how much so.... 'cause i've always watched other peoples kiddos hehe. But the Lord has been giving me energy to do this even with no sleep. My problem has been taking care of myself now... showering and spending time on myself and sleeping when she sleeps... ahh!!! I need to learn not to procrastinate and to relax. Seems like I'm not happy enough when the house is a mess, but then I'm lazy and dont work on it and then keep it up... then I get mad at mondo for not helping me. Poor guy! I want so bad to be the house wife and stay at home mommy but that comes with responsabilities that I so want to learn to be better at! ANYWHOOO, here is my little one now a days: she is getting so big!

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