February 23, 2010

Update on my Momma's bible study

We are, and our children, Fearfully and WONDERFULLY made :)

I started the book Mom After God's Heart - 10 ways to love your children, finally!! And I am enjoying it soo much, I'm so excited to get together with some friends and weekly go through the chapters, spend time in Gods word and pray for each other, and of course our kids!
I had so much I wanted to write and guess what distracted me, FACEBOOK!! hehe That's ok because I'm too tired to write anymore, its 1:20 am and I've been reading and journalling for a couple hours.
SO this week hopefully I will get started this little bible study time for all of us. Actually its not little, no matter how many people are going to be involved its BIG the biggest thing we can do. Spending time learning about God and filling our hearts to overflowing with all the He is so we can teach and love our kids is the biggest job we have. I'm excited to share that with my friends!!
I know not everyone of us is at the same place spiritually, but Gods love leads to many great things and when we put our lives in Gods hands and accept Jesus personally as our Savior its the greatest step into a joyful (not always happy!) but JOYFUL life of love and fellowship. We are called and I know it's my time to step into my calling.

Lord orchestrate this time of fellowship and this time in your word perfectly so I'm not nervous about any part of it and so it works out so smoothly. And most of all show us how to be filled with all that You are in this world and in our families so our hearts are full to give back to our children and loved ones. Bring about new friendships and create in each of our lives joy beyond all understanding. Love you!

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