November 8, 2010

not about me

ISo todays reading was Galations. Galations 5 says to live by the Spirit and not our own selfish desires. I've been struggling with that... living for myself in a way where im lazy lazy lazy... God forgive me. But living by the Spirit will bring self control and peace. Time to give up my ways. Sure I say and think that a lot but im trying here... I know I've needed to read my bible because the Word is God and He is all I've been missing and thinking about lately. It doesn't exactly work when my mind and heart is thinking of finding a quiet place to spend with my Lord and then ignoring the feeling and doing something else that just satisfies me for 5 seconds... I wind up more empty than before. So the last 2 nights I picked up my life journal and felt so great after. Not like just reading but like picking up the phone and calling God just to chat. So that peace I've needed, the longing I've felt, its kinda summed up in Galations 5.
Lord Jesus thank you for filling me up and forgiving me for my sins. That I can come to You anytime I need and that You long for my friendship just the same. Take my selfish desires to live for You again.

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