August 27, 2011


I finally have a good photo of the kids and their favorite, can't do without blankets. It still surprizes me so much that Emery is the same way with his that his sister has always been. Blanky on half of the face. Chewed on. Rub their face in because its soft. And always needing their feet sticking out.

I let them roll around the living room with Veggie Tales on the TV for some added music to the room. If Emery got too far away from his "bed" I would put him back and he would relax again. Riah needed to be cuddled a few times but then of course wanted down. Aside from the up and down and up and down I tried my best to let them be, not interfere with their time playing. Riah likes to roll next to him and let him pull at her clothes or hair. At one point I heard Bubba laughing and when I looked I found Riahs legs on his tummy and he was almost chewing on her leg while she wiggled and giggled as well. They are so sweet together! And I do believe this is the first time they have fallen asleep together. :) Such sweet moments! 

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