August 24, 2011


Someday my dream of going to Hawaii is going to come true. I promise. Really it is. . . 
Not because I took a deep breath and blew it out while making a wish. 
Not because I'm saving every penny from my dr pepper cans. (Mondo needs that money for paint balling!)
Not because I'll have an amazing tax return. We're unnemployed in this house, sad sad. 
And no, I cannot wiggle my nose and just make it happen. 

My neighbor, who I hang out with daily, is from Honolulu. Our kids are gunna get married. It's bound to happen! Maybe Riah and Alex. Maybe Arianna and Emery. Who knows...  

Arianna, 2 weeks older than my Emery. 

Alex, almost a year older than Azariah

Ok so Mondo was afraid to have a baby girl. Because of boys. So of course I'm teasing and full of it, I just want to see Hawaii. . .   Shante and I are getting pretty close though, I really like her and her family. . .  anywho Mondo doesnt have to wait until Riah is a teen and chasing after boys. Our apartment complex is full of them. She chases them already. They come to our window (its really hot so its always open) and most days I come into the living room with her at the window talking to 4 or 5 little boys. Half of them dont speak english. Thats ok half of Riahs words are unknown to the whole world anyway ha. But this Alex here. He is her favorite. He calls her "yah yah." Azariah hides or goes in the house and he puts his hands up and asks, "where yah yah??" :) I get my daily dose of his cuteness and I'm happy as can be. For some reason she calls him "Da da." She can't really say his name but she knows exactly who her dad is. Does that mean she just really likes him? Strange, cute, but strange. I'm not sure Mondo thinks thats cute lol. So this hot weather kicks us out to play with water balloons or go to the fountain at the park and the babies sit together and play, steal each others toys, touch each others toes, and the toddlers play and chase each other around. Shante says I will love it on the beach where shes from. Someday... not maybe...  someday! :)

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