August 10, 2011


After reading in the kitchen by diaryofmomadrama I got motivated and excited to make our spaghetti dinner tonight :) Whole wheat noodles and fresh veggies and garlic bread. YUM! 
Also . . . 
Never had it? You really should..  its awesome.. and its pink! (Or it could be whatever color you desire)

I think I love safeway. When I lived further from here I would come into town just to go to walmart or I would go shopping at winco and get it all at once. But now those stores are right down the street from me and I just want my safeway. I dont remember why I was writing that but whatever. Thank you Lord for putting safeway next door to me :) If only I didnt forget the garlic bread. 

A good day that has just begun. 
Playing in the water with the neighbors boy. Riahs little friend. A MUCH needed nap that she is still in the middle of. Or maybe the end.. we'll see when she decides to get up. Mamas chores almost done. Then cooking. Then walking off dinner with Nana. Can we do 5 laps today? I wonder how she will feel about that. Maybe itll depend on how much we eat? Hopefully this busy day will make me tired enough to go to bed at a good time because watching movies until I fell asleep on the couch at 2am makes for a tired mama. But cuddling with Mondo and my favorite pillow was well worth it. 

God is good. 

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