October 8, 2011

A Few Favorite Photos

I want to share some of my favorites. And these are all a few years old from when I first got my camera. I havnt seen them in a while. 

{my best friends daughter}

{worship - Generation Unleashed}

{flashlight and my camera}

{i love mondo}

{a friends wedding}


Here's how our lives are these days. 

Emery is almost standing without help from the couch.
And he loves to play peekaboo in his crib. He stands up then while holding on to the top leans down and looks at me with his cheesy smile and squinted eyes. 

Their Birthday Bash is December 10th. I need to make the invites asap. 
I might do something like this:

Only I dont own a chalk board.. But we'll be creative somehow. 

{photos from pinterest}

My husband started a new job. A friend who owns his own company, and is christian. They're impressed. He's having a good time. It pays more than the minimum. Thank you Lord :)

I've been drinking way too much Dr. Pepper. Now I have a headache. 

Riah is now eating her own yogurt with almost no mess. Well unless she decides to play in it that is...  I dont think "pink yogurt paint" on her arms is a good look. 

Bubba HATES clothes. 

I have to hide the wipes. Although it is nice of Riah to help clean. 

My daughter has a mullet. At least its got a little 
curl to it so you can hardly tell ;)

Anyone ever had Ben and Jerrys Red Velvet Cake icecream? 
Need I say more? 

Here's to a nice sunny weekend so we can clean out the garage, and maybe get Riah some puddle boots for a little splashin in the left over rain. :)

God bless!


Becki said...

Darcie! I love this... and praise the Lord, Mondo got a job!!!

Awesome post - you've become quite a talented blogger!!

Darcie said...

thanks auntie!