October 7, 2011

Little things

I've been doing a lot more reading lately than writing.
Want to see my little things for this week?
What keeps a smile on my face.
Thing's that make me laugh.
I'm in need of a little focus

Ok honestly, at the moment, a screaming toddler is a little distracting. Throwing sippy cups? Not listening? Oy! I get frustrated too easy with her. Any toddler tips?

On to those little things, a much needed focus for my tired mind! ;)

-Vanilla doubleshot Starbucks coffee! (Hubby started a new job, Praise the Lord!! So I'm up early to make his lunch)
-Pinterest. When my camera is at my moms and I can't take any photos, Pinterest is always there for me ;)

           Source: google.co.uk via Lucie on Pinterest

- I live with my husbands mom. Although she is NOT a built in babysitter, she does love to help. Plus we always have the. best. food. ever. 
-Notice something different here? See all those fun family pictures at top?? :) 'nuff said.

-Comments. Emails. I'm loving it. Can't get enough of this thing called blog. 

Have a good weekend!

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Lori said...

oh starbucks are a MUST for me in the morning. i know it's awful and expensive, but i can't function without it. it's either that or mcdonald's iced coffee :) love your pictures!


Amanda M. said...

LOVE the family photos! We are taking new ones next weekend. I hope they turn out as good as yours!

Jamie said...

Your family ictures are gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

wonderful family you have... XO

Sarah Dawneé said...

I'm recently new to Pinterest and it is such a fun website to use and help organize too!
Fun and efficient. =)

I'm glad you're enjoying blogging! I just began the blogging adventure this year and it has so far been wonderful!

Nice to "meet you" through the link up party.

melissa said...

Your kids are precious!