October 9, 2011

No place like home

Azariah is going to be Dorothy for Halloween. She doesn't know what's coming. Taking a walk outside, wearing her favorite red shoes, and people giving her candy? She's gunna have a blast.
I should practice with her. She doesn't know how to say "trick or treat" yet.

When we got her outfit we went to look at the shoes to see what sizes they had.
Bad idea. 
We had planned on buying them the next week. But Riah would not part with them. She can say "shoe" now but when she asks for them she says,
"toe mommy? Toe??" 
You want your shoes Riah?
"UH Yeaaaa!"

Here's my silly girl wearing her toes. And also wearing the silly watch her Nana gave her on her ankle. Oh yea and pants. She's not wearing those. She decided it was a good day to go without. 

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