October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Jars

{Sunshine and rain, fallen leaves and raincoats. These are the moments of my Fall}

My daughter is going to be 2 years old. (December 2nd)
Oh.  My. GOSH! 
I don't know how this happened so fast.

{Gathering leaves for a project}

Anyhow back to my original thought.
She's old enough this year to do art stuff with her Momma. We take care of her 3 year old cousin Trevor as well so It's been a blast.

{He renamed himself Gabe. I'm corrected 10
times a day that I have his name wrong.}

The latest thing we've done is make pumpkins.
You know those cute little orange and round things at the pumpkin patch? Yea. Not those! (Next year my Riah).
Baby food jars. Mod podge. Tissue paper. Leaves. Candles.
(It feels good to re-use something that I have so much of.)

Enough of me. Here is the kiddos and our project. 

{getting her pencil just right}

{making circles, her favorite}
{Tre AKA Gabe}

I didn't have orange tissue paper. I took the white tissue paper and scribbled on it with an orange marker. Then I mixed Mod Podge with orange finger paint so when it dried it had a little extra orangy color. We stuck some leaves and paper on the baby food jars and I dropped in a candle. 


I have to admit that Emery, Riah and I had a little extra banana baby food in our diet this week to have extra jars. Yea. . . I said me too. 
It's good! ;)

{Happy Fall}



Dawnee said...

Dar Dar! I just saw you on the blog swap! LOL I love all of these pics! You are so talented!

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Liz @ thequickjourney.blogspot.com said...

hey, don't we all want to change our names at some point in time?? that's too funny!

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Aw, sweet photos. Looks like lots of fun :) Love those pumpkin jars!!

Jennifer said...

I love that. "Trevor aka Gabe"!!

Darcie said...

Awesome job!! You are really creative and the little ones just love to do creative projects. Keep up the good work!! Love you..Angie

Jessica said...

what a great craft to do with little ones. I always hate that they grow older, but it is fun be able to interact with them at a different level.