October 20, 2011

This Or That Thursday

One of my favorite blogs hosts This or That Thursday. 
What a good way to show my photos from this week :) 

{Lexi Pumpkin}
I was just having fun with this one. She came for a visit and had the CUTEST hat on. And I had not had a chance to use this frame yet, its too perfect for Halloween. 

 I was messing with different settings on my camera. Trying to set the focus on the left instead of the middle of the photo. I'm trying to sell the camera so I can upgrade. 

 I wish I had a fun macro lens!

{playing a game with Nana}


{home made taco salad bowls}

Oh how I love living here...  such good food ;)



{right after coming home from work}


deb duty said...

Your close up leaf photos are gorgeous! I wouldn't know you didn't have a macro.

Kathryn said...

that orange hat picture is beyond precious!!!

Darcie said...

Thank you so much! Her mom turned that baby picture into a Halloween card :) And the leaf photos are all unedited. Havnt had time to do much with anything yet.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful shots...your little "pumpkin" is so sweet, love the shot of your little ones with dad too. Have a great night.


PS: your cake balls look so yummy!

Olivia said...

The picture at the top is my favorite! SO precious!! :)