November 17, 2011

Embrace The Camera

Thank you Emily for starting this. 
It's so much fun getting photos of us together. 

{first picture ive managed to snap with him standing}

{click to view larger if you would like}

So this is my little pill baby. 1.5 months and he will be 1. I think he's going through his terrible two's early. He's such a bully! He has a sweet side.. somewhere ;) He's a mommas boy. Love's his sister to pieces. Literally. Pulls her hair out but he means well. His way of hugging is head butting. Don't worry he does it pretty gentle... {lol} 
We were taking photos and playing on the kitchen floor. He was checking out the tree's and rain. And trying to reach his fishes that he dropped. Just the two of us while sis slept. 
I love my little man. 

a little glimpse into his world ;)


Dawnee said...

ADORABLE!!!! Awesome pictures Darcie! And I LOVE the video of Bubba!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! So sweet! I love the pictures you take. And the cute little faces he's making!

Aaaand, I love the movie Tangled!

natalie said...

what a precious little fella you have! he sounds all boy to me! ;)