November 21, 2011

Lovely Outfit Azariah

 This is my Azariah and her cousin Baileigh. If you haven't seen by now Riah is so very in love with her blanket. As warm as it was in the house from all the people over she still wanted to be under it. She loved having her cousin lay with her (they dont see each other much) and when Baileigh tried to get up Riah cried and asked her to "yay down baby yay down."
 Pretty Baileigh, 1.5 months younger than Riah.
My favorite part of the early Thanksgiving get together. Riah's amazing outfit. She ALWAYS wants to take off her clothes so she can feel her soft blanket on her skin. I hadn't yet got her clothes off here after dinner cleanup but she was off to play with her necklace and blanket. She put on her brothers batman socks and her hat. That plus his onesie and her tites still over it. Silly girl! 
We had such a fun night. I'm lucky and get to enjoy two Thanksgiving meals this year. Maybe I'll make some Pink Delight. Or try making a pie for the first time. 
Can't wait until Thursday! 

Riah is just a little bit of my everyday lovely :) I'm linking here today:

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! My daughter insists on having no clothes on, and my son is a blankie boy.. Very cute :)