November 30, 2011

Over Coffee

I don't drink coffee everyday. 
I'd rather have Dr. Pepper. 
Today, for some reason, I made some coffee. 
Maybe I thought it would help wake me up. 
Maybe Netflix in the bedroom is not a good thing. (How late did I stay up? I dont know.. ) :)
Oh! Scratch that smile. I read bloggy rules and it said not to post little smiles. But im smiling anyhow ha!
Inspired by Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

If we had coffee together...

Mine would be peppermint mocha. & if I was actually having a coffee date and leaving my coffee pot in the corner on the counter, it would of course be STARBUCKS  *smile*

I would tell you I'm stressed out. If  I knew you well enough. Otherwise Id say I'm doing "pretty good"  lol 
I'm not good at managing things. & I put things off. Ever since school. Procrastination at it's finest over here! 
So life looks a bit like this: Birthday party planning going way too slow. To-Do list is too long. Paperwork to be done. Cleaning with a 1,2, and 3 year old. Shhyea right...

I would tell you all about my nephew (the 3 year old). He says some funny stuff. Just a bit ago he was playing with big legos and made a huge tower for his dad. I overheard him talking to himself. 
"K, dad. Prepare to be freaked out!"

I would complain that I didn't have a car. Even though I shouldnt. We're blessed to have what we have and my husband has a way to get to work. But I'm ready to be free from stuck indoors with the kids. We need to get out!!

I would tell you I miss the dating stage with my Mondo. That was 6 years ago... Life is so different now.  In the mess of moving and working and two kids and some struggles I feel like I miss him. He's right here next to me and I miss him. 

I would also tell you I miss my Savior. 
Heavenly Father. 
So why do I struggle to fix that? It's in my power to do so. I could pick up my bible. (Then proceed to open it and read). I could find devotionals online. I could start the Dave Ramsey series someone gave me. I could pray more. I could find a bible study. I could make sure no matter how little sleep I get, to wake up on time for church and maybe find one closer to home. 
But I struggle. 
God forgive me, It's my fault. I'm not being hard on myself, it's true. 
I should take a step. Just one more step in the right direction would help. But it's up to me to take that step. 

I would ask for prayer, and then hope you pray right then and there instead of holding on to my request for later. 

I would talk about how much I want a new camera. But which one??? 

& I would of course let you talk too. I'm a good listener. 


Stephanie said...

I used to be a Dr.Pepper addict but I kicked the habit about 10 years I don't even like the taste of them anymore! Crazy huh!

I don't know why we get distracted with things of the world and drift away from intimacy with such an amazing Savior! I understand and will be praying for you... you pray for me too.

Angie said...

Darcie.. I will pray for you and Mando and your little Family. Things will get better. Have Faith and Believe. He is with you always and is watching you as well!! Love you!

Collie said...

You can't even begin to know how much I love you....scratch that! As the mother of my wonderful grandchildren, I am sure YOU know how much I love you.