November 15, 2011

random excitement

I'm teaching myself to sew. 
You know what? 
It's sew fun! lol had to say it ;)

I wanted my kids to have birthday bibs for their big party coming up. With their age on it. I figured I could learn to make it myself.. So this was my first shot. I made a lot of mistakes that I can see. But the thread was white so they hide pretty good! :-D

We spend a lot of time with my mom this weekend. Haven't had much time on the computer :) 
I have other news though. 
My soon to be 2 year old went poop on the toilet today.
I'm pretty happy about that. 
I dont think shes ready to be potty trained yet. Just practice. She told me she had gone and her diaper was empty so I decided to sit her down and see what would happen. 
TMI? lol I'm a mom I gotta share, sorry!

{hes almost one, already climbing everything and he doesnt even walk yet}

{when dad plays guitar the kids come running}

{my love}


Jennifer said...

Thread that matches really well with your fabric is very important for new sew-ers!

Collie said...

Great job, sweetie! Too bad we didn't make time this weekend. Love you.