December 9, 2011

My Bully Boy

Aside from Nana Angie who has to put up with us daily ha!, I don't think many people know just how much of a bully (although a cute one at that) you are. Such a BOY! Riah is only just now 2 so I am still used to having my little girly girl and now I've got this little monkey running around like a tornado. 
This is my Emery. 
I kinda like him ;) 

I cannot for one second let you leave my sight. Bad things could happen. 

{lovely face bubba, lovely screams after it too}

{attempting to cuddle, until her hair gets pulled}

{love your kisses, when your not biting}

{ahh peace in the house, love that you love your stuffed animals}

{sissy shared her sippy, what a mess!}

{5 minutes of more peace ha}

{your sister never crawled under and over things like you!}

{who knew an 11 month old could be SO messy. I was blaming it on your sis!}

{only cuddle time i get is tricked by a soft blanket on your face}

{who can resist that grin and giggle? }

{sure bubba make me smile then soak me with splashes! not kidding, S O A K E D }

{see.. soft blanket.. then peace..}

{no you can't get out of bed yet}


{playing nice with sissy}

{until he bites her toes}

{loving uncle Vic's new puppy}

{trying to take all the diapers out}


{no one makes you smile like a teddy bear}

{handsome boy}

{dont ever open the fridge with my boy in the kitchen}

{double knot is not enough for a car ride}

{i thought i could block you into the living room}

{mommy was wrong}

{love those hats on you, too bad it takes a 5 minute tantrum because you hate them!}


{always stuck somewhere}

{shopping with dad}

{turn my back for a minute and you reach everything on the table!}

{silly boy. Mom and Dad love you so}


Dawnee said...

This was AWESOME Dars!!!! Great pics! So funny!

Pidg said...

Ohmygosh, your kidletts are so yummy! I totally tried to block my lil ones in when they were lil too and they always found ways to plop over :D Oh soooo cute!!

Collie said...

Such a difference in brother and sister. He is a handful that you pictoralized quite nicely, my dear.

Branson said...

So much cuteness in one post! I love it! :)