January 3, 2012

27 of them

My days lately have been spent taking care of sick babies. Yes that includes my husband. I've also joined a challenge of praying for my husband every day for a month. I know that will continue after the month is over, especially when I'm only on day 3 and loving it already. I wake up thinking of him and not just that but thinking of the Lord and that is a great way to start the day. 
Azariah has bronchitis and has needed some extra attention lately so we've had fun playing and cuddling and.. well.. not so much fun puking and needing an inhaler and being too weak when shes feverish to walk. Poor honey! She's doing great today though. & her personality and humor expands tremendously everyday. I love her! 

I've been wondering about my "new year resolutions" and seeing posts about people setting goals. I've wanted to jot down some goals for myself/family as well but haven't yet..obviously.. ha. So I just got this idea from HERE. Ok that's a lie i'm just copying her, but she wont mind! ;)
I have a few goals in mind but writing 26 will take a little longer than usual. After the day I've had, it's a little hard to think and be this tired at the same time. 

1. Something I've been thinking about lately that would be good for Riah. I want to have a letter of the day. She loves Sesame street (except for some reason is really scared of super Grover LOL). I'm going to use different ways to write letters for the day and use every opportunity to teach her to recognize them. She points at the TOSHIBA on our TV and tells me their "ABC's" 
2. Continue to pray for my husband every single day. And write it down. 
3. Go outside more with the kids. 
4. Find a house. One that will be our home for years and years to come. For that we need to figure out how to get financially stable. 
5. Keep up on the laundry. 
6. Take vitamins (me and the family).
7. Visit family more.
8. Turn my photos into coffee table books. Blurb.com!! 
9. Get to church every week. 
10. Stop biting my nails. 
11. Eat more veggies. 
12. Say nightly bedtime prayers with the kiddos. Our friend's 3 year old said our dinner prayer on new years, so sweet! She
took a while because she had to keep peeking to make sure EVERYONE had their eyes closed. Then she said "God so good, God so great, thankyouforthisfoodamen!" 
13. Judge less, and love more. There's times when, even if i dont mean to, i think the worse out of people. God calls us to love. 
14. Spend more time with Mondo. 
15. Get a car that is reliable and has lots of room. 
16. Get a new camera. 
17. Stop spending money just because it's in my pocket. Better yet spend it on something important.
18. Visit Granny. She lives so close, why I haven't, I have no clue. 
19. Visit CO to see my brother. 
20. Find the means to help those that have helped me so much in the last 2 years. 
21. Have a plan set for the future. Weigh pros and cons of different things. So that we're well prepared... ex. christian school or public? Home in Silverton or Salem? 
22. Figure out what I want to go to school for and DO IT!
23. Blog more.
24. Be more motivated. The only way to get motivated is to just do it! Whatever it may be.. small or large.. i struggle everyday with motivation. 
25. Cook something new more often. 
26. Let family/friends know what they mean to me. Bless them in some way (with words). One at a time. (This is a blog idea I've had for a while.. still working it out in my head). 

Wow, this was harder than I thought it would be! It feels so nice to think on positive things. Just like in praying everyday for my husband and then waking up thinking of him and of what I've prayed for, I can keep in mind all the things I want to (and will!) accomplish. 
My mamma was helping me brainstorm. I'm going to add one more (hey I will be 27 this year after all). I loved this one that she thought of. 
27. Commit to my own intelligence. I'm the kind of girl that didn't raise my hand in class because I didn't think I was right or i was too embarrassed to be wrong. And then I was always right, even thought it was someone else speaking the answer... 

Here's to a new, and better, year. Not that this last one was bad :) 


Collie said...

Alright, you have some terrific goals, ones that will become habit after a bit of time. Glad you added that last one, because all of your goals are what you can do for everyone else....nice to see something that you can do for yourself. Great. I love you.

Marilyn said...

Wow, these are awesome goals.. I love them and really wish you success in accomplishing them all.. I absolutely adore the name Azariah... So pretty, I know a Zaiah but never any Azariah's.. So unique.. Wishing you the happiest of New year and cheer's to creativity, great health and lots of love and laughter.. xoxox.. M

Jennifer said...

I'm making a decision for you. You need to live in Silverton, not Salem. These are great goals.

Darcie Santoyo said...

ok Jenn I agree! One goal down haha

Pidg said...

Yay Darcie!!! I'm so excited for you...we're going to make this year wonderful and successful and we'll do it together...I'm starting a club. We should have matching jackets ;) Haha!!!