January 25, 2012

Long week in our house

Our week. 
Some pictures. 
My plans. 
It has been a long week. We said goodbye to my husbands grandma. I wasnt close with her personally but I live with one of her daughters who was. I see the hurt and the tears.  I feel the love and the longing. I see the peace forming at her going. I've witnessed a full life in viewing family photos and making a slideshow for the siblings. I love this family. Only one regret: Not learning spanish. It could have brought me and grandma closer. It would have kept me in the loop at family functions. It's half english half spanish all the time so Angie has to translate the stuff I dont understand ;)
We signed up for Housing 2 years ago. I figured then that if we were still struggling to get by in a couple years then when they call our number itll be a blessing and they will help us pay rent. So we got a pre eligibility packet and its being turned in today. The plan is this: They look through it the next 2 months. They call us for an interview. & If we qualify which I'm pretty sure we do, then they tell us how much rent they pay and we take those next 2 months to find a place that takes Housing. 
So within the next 4 months or so we will be in a 3 bedroom apartment or house. Hoping and praying we find a qualifying house! Then we can move back to my home town SILVERTON!!! My kids can go to school there. I can find an evening job after we get me a car (tax money!). I can see family that I've missed. I'm excited. 
I've been thinking of a photography project. Instead of taking photos and adding them daily or weekly I want to go through the photos on my computer and edit/post one a day or every few days. I've had this computer and a camera for 8 years or more. There is a lot of fun stuff on here that I never did anything with. So I think Ill share. 
{Riah and Bubba taking their first steps}

Some more random milestones/achievements: 
Bubba walks! Cutest thing ever. Hands in the air and tongue sticking out as he stumbles across the house. He will be running soon. 
Riah can finally say "Jesus" I love praying with her. 
We've hit the "terrible two's" It's been fun around here... TIPS PLEASE!!!!! For someone who has always loved taking care of little kids, and even went to nanny school, I guess I wasnt prepared for my own kid going through this. She has been a pain. Oh Lord I need wisdom. 
Riah sings ALL the time. 
Emery is teething. 
Mondo is still losing weight. 
God is good {all the time}

 Have a good week. 

Rest In Peace Grandma Munda. 


Dawnee said...

What a sweet post Darcie! I love it! Maybe it's time to learn some Spanish? I'm so glad you are going through some of your old photos and adding them. I really LOVE the wedding pic you posted of yourself. Absolutely GORGEOUS! And I can't wait till you live in Silverton again!

Collie said...

Losing family is never easy for us; you are right about the sadness, but your perspective is just a little bit apart, so you will be able to continue to support Angie and your husband with Grandma's passing. Great plans on the photos, you do such an excellent job with them, as displayed on this blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Tiffany said...

So sorry for your lose, I know it is never easy. "Twos" around here are kinda tough also...chin up, soon you will get "Threes". LOL.