October 11, 2013

Ten of my favorite things.

Once upon a time I was blessed with an amazing camera. Then hard times came and I sold it to pay a bill. (I justified it because it was way outdated and had dust inside of it that made the pictures look horrible.)
I told myself there was already so many photographers out there anyway.
I had an iPhone. It took great pictures! (ha).
That seemed like a hundred years ago. So much has changed since then. So much has gotten better.
God is good.
So fast forward to a new life. New start. New home. New friends (same old ones, i didnt ditch them lol!) Someone my brother introduced me to, and has become like family, just so happened to have a camera that she was not using. a DSLR camera with two lenses and a nice bag just sitting on the shelf. Really? I guess it was meant to be though, God sure knows what He's doing. She gave it to me and my photography has taken off like I always dreamed it would.
I came up with an etsy shop and my aunt helped me think of a name for it. Then I stopped using it. So my photography became the same thing. Yellow Hallow Photography. Again I say, The Lord is so so good to me. This month I have had zero income. Sorta. I have been on assistance for a year now and I was lead to give it up. Long story for another post. When it comes down to it though, I need to be home for my two kids, I am there sole teacher and I can't afford preschools that I want or daycare or anyone i can trust. So I took a leap and landed in God's lap and He has so completely provided. With random money, with photography jobs (and getting paid more than i thought i would for them) among other things. I have this peace that all my bills will be paid and the confidence that I can so totally do this single mother stuff. God has provided, what shall I do with his gifts? :)

{my little goober in my studio}

{love these little curlies}

{we had a beautiful summer}

{at the Mount Angel Abbey just sitting alone peacefully}

{the other day's park date}

{he had so much fun, tired eyes and all}


{my beautiful ballerina}

{one of my many scripture prints (which are also for sale)}

{leap of faith}

April 18, 2012

It's a crazy life, but it's our life

It's been quite a while. 
Why the absence? Well, I'm not exactly sure. But two toddlers and sometimes their cousin. A jobless dad and mom. We've been pretty busy.
My son is huge. & He climbs everything. He's a picky eater sometimes. His sister talks a lot and is turning out to be a little Momma to her dolly's. 

I've got felt boards planned. More finger painting. Slumber party and photo shoot planned with a cousin. I want to make felt flowers for headbands. Somewhere in all of this... life mess... i need to look for a job. But at the end of the day I just don't have the energy. 
I'm stuck on the show Supernatural. I had to start from the beginning to see the whole story. I keep saying I have a favorite show but now this one IS the favorite LOL! 

I don't see myself as a hard worker. I'm too lazy for that. But I wish I was. I want so many things in life and I need to do something to get at those things but  just don't know what. I can't make up my mind on what to go to school for. I already went to school and I'm not using my degree or even able to pay the school loans. So why go back a second time? I just want results here and now. Good jobs and money to provide for my family. 
My poor hubby lost another job. We thought it was such a great place to work but obviously not. He was forced to lie about something he didn't do or get out. Just like that. So he's in a place where he thinks everything is his fault and doesn't know what to do. 

Oh yea and I sold my camera. It was getting outdated, dirty, and I wasn't using it much. After all the guns Mondo has sold to pay bills I figured the $250 my camera was worth was finally worth it. I can't believe it was $1000 when I got it thought, crazy! So now we're praying for a new camera. 

We're still waiting on Housing to go through our paperwork. I've called twice with no reply yet. That'll be a huge blessing when they call and tell us they have funds available to help us rent a house. 

This is too depressing. I'm not really sitting here sad as much as this sounds that way lol. My kids are so entertaining. Trevor is here this week and he has grown so much. Last night Emery learned to snort. We were playing around and he was snorting at me trying to get me to laugh. Let's just say it worked LOL. Riah talks and sings my ear off. My favorite is when she sings her phrases. "Mommy can I have milk" will not just be a question but a belted out song. 

I have this dream of opening a store. One corner will be a coffee shop. (Which by the way I taught myself how to make an amazing caramel late! yum yum). Anyhow - coffee shop with goodies. Cakes and cake balls. On a nice size wall will be a photographer section to show off local work and our own (mine, my cousins and aunts and moms. We all take photos!). Another spot to sell and sit around making things. Headbands and hats for example from This beauty I see. & Even more fun would be a small corner for Photography Portraits. Wouldn't it be fun to go into a coffee shop with a friend and spir of the moment have your photo taken. Like a photo booth type a thing. Not just that but us photographers could have a place to use if needed. Well there you have it. I hope it happens some day. I'm in no way business minded but with the right help I know it could happen. 

I think that's enough rambling for now. Hopefully I will be back in a day or two ;)

March 5, 2012

Love my Love

Emery (my 1 year old) is always bring me things. Moving things around the house. Carrying things through the kitchen and back into the living room. He's so busy
Today he wanted to give me my shoes. I told him I didn't need them, mostly because he was shoving them in my face, and next thing I know he's set them so nicely on the chair. What's cute is when he brings me his shoes and then sit's down in front of me and claps, just waiting for me to put them on him. 

I try to give my boy as much as I gave his sister. It's so different the second time around with having a baby. And completely different having a busy bully boy lol. 

He's 14 months old. 
He say's Momma, Dadda, Nanana, Elmo mo. 
He can sign a few words: More, please, thank you (a slap on the side of his head is his version lol!) and he shakes his head yes for milk. 
When he wan't something he will bring it to me and then sit down at my feet rocking his little body in such an exciting way. And clapping while he wait's for whatever it is. 
He loves to throw the diapers away. & The toys. Trying to break him of that habit, silly boy. 
This is all stuff he's started doing in the past few days. I love seeing his brain at work!
He throws whatever clothes he can find into the little laundry room. Usually. Unless the garbage can is too close, they sometimes wind up in there. Thus creating more dirty laundry for mom. 
Last night we witnessed him learning where to throw his dirty bottles and sippies. He found a bottle by his bed and ran it into the kitchen, and tried 3 time's before actually pushing it up onto the counter by the sink. He's learning so much from his big sister, I love it!

Every day is so entertaining in this house! 
Now if only I could take advantage of this nap time and get some real work done ;)

March 1, 2012


Just a quick photo for Embrace the Camera. I've got lots of laundry to do and I'm finding it hard to blog lately. I'm still here though! :) 

I'm loving my son and the stage he's in. He's learning so fast! He's 14 months old yesterday. He's a tornado of love, need, mess, joy. I love my boy. 

February 27, 2012

Textures and What Nots

I've been working on textures. Trying to teach myself how to make my own and add to my photos. 

{extreme close up of a carnation}

{My fave}

Other than that we haven't been doing too much. Just spending our tax return ;) I'm looking for a car with no luck. We're hoping to have some "play dates" this next couple of weeks. I'm not sure why I don't like that word lol. I'm having a friend over hopefully, that I haven't seen in a year. & Next week a toddler tea party which I'm so excited for! I think I want to go all out and make cake balls and decorate and take photo's :)

My one year old boy has taken to bringing me stuff. Anything and everything. & he signs "thank you" by hitting the side of his head. I've decided that the mess he makes can be reversed. How? lol. Maybe I'll make a pile of everything he brings to me and in a little while the room will be spotless. 

Speaking of tax return. We need to set some money aside because we are hoping and praying to move soon. We'll need the deposit and what nots for moving. & going along with my son and his messy ways, I've been thinking of how to decorate his room. I wan't it Montessori style. I want it simple and 100% geared toward his age level and his height. I'm going to put his mattress in one corner with a mirror on the wall. No bed frame yet. A shelf with toys that is small, just his size. Photo's on the wall at his level. We'll see how that goes. It is fun dreaming of decorating each of my kids new rooms. Hopefully soon!!

OK off to clean and pay bills. Hope you enjoy the photo's. God bless!

See what I mean about his mess? 

February 17, 2012

No more sickness!!

Oh hello blog! How are you? Good? Good!


We've been battling sickness. This is the first time 
that both kids and I have been so very sick and the same time. 
Let me tell you.. IT SUCKS!!! Not only that but I watch my cutie pie nephew sometimes and he arrives at 6:45. He was a sweetheart though and let me rest until my babies woke up :) So aside from a stuffy nose and plugged ears I'm feeling pretty great. (Kids are too lol). 
With no energy to clean or cook or do activities we watched a lot of Dora and Veggie Tales. & I hung out on my handy dandy notebook iPhone. 
I now have a lot more photo's that I probably don't need. Some more video's of my 2 year old singing Adele. A new "About Me" photo for this here blog. New instagram friends. & Should I add here: addiction. Yep, to my iPhone.