January 27, 2009


Today is day 7 in our 40 day fast. I have been pretty succesfull in reading the word every day of it, and even journaling, which im sad to say I havnt done in a long time. Crazy how the world around us can change our path and distract us from what we really want. . . According to the bible the word is the Lord and as I read it and think about it and pray it changes my outlook and my mood. It's not just a book on a shelf, It brings life.
Ok so the fast. . . I've tried to give up TV mostly. But more than that i've been trying to just press into His presence and get stable on His path again. It's deff. worth it and I'm certain it will be something that will last past the 40 days. . .
Another good thing that comes from that, that I have missed so much... Is my husband reading with me, and us praying together. I think its bringing us closer, faster, than was happening before. And its really touching to know he prays for me even when Im not around. God has blessed me truely..... :)

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