September 29, 2011

Embrace the Camera

I have a TON of photos on my computer. I go through stages where I take and take and take them and then don't do anything with them. 
Seriously. . .  there's a frame on my wall that's 2 years old. I have never filled it. (I dont know why!!) 
I never spend money on myself. I think I get too worried about getting bills paid to treat myself or my home. Anyhow It'll be filled within the week I'm sure. 
Back to my original thought. I have so many photos just sitting here. I want to do SOMETHING with them. Either putting them on the wall or making things. Or sharing them here. That's a good start. 
One of my favorite blogs to read has Embrace the Camera on Thursdays. A way to get into the photo instead of taking them of just the kids or other things. This is one of the only ways there's any photos of me around... 
And another blog that I've recently been reading has This or That on Thursdays. So today I thought i would combine them both. I stuck myself in the photo with my son, no choice there anyhow since he was asleep on me! And I'm sharing some random photos. Yep random. I just clicked on some folders and picked random photos. Did some editing (my favorite part!). 
Enjoy :)

{me and my sleepy boy}

{Something beautiful in moms yard}
My momma by the way also blogs for birds and blooms magazine. There's some fun posts on there!

{another, in my moms yard}

{Loved practicing textures}

{little monkey}

{was he really this small once?}

Here's the linkups!

What in the world did I ever do before blogging?


deb duty said...

I love the edits with the fun frames! My favorite it the first one. So sweet to be holding a sleeping baby. Love the pink flowers too! So glad you linked up!

Darcie said...


Barb said...

Your photos and edits are fabulous - love the first one especially! cool bokeh!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos and all your texture work.

Barb said...

I love the first photo - so sweet and fun bokeh! I also love the way you use frames . . .

Cedar said...

Fun and sweet photos! I love the first one with your baby!

Nancy said...

Oh that first one of you in the pic with your baby... so so sweet! Perfect. :)

Darcie said...

thanks everyone! yes... thats my sons favorite place to sleep