September 28, 2011

Photography Challenge?

Once upon a time I started this photo challenge. 
It became a challenge when I stopped at sunset. It's not hard to take the photo. 
It was hard to get out away from my house and kids and decide when I should do it. 
I should have done it on the day I was supposed to! (Sorry jenn! lol)

So here it is. I know I'm behind. I'm gunna try harder. 
One sunset coming right up...

I edited it of course. I wanted to see how it would look with some texture and orange colors. Here's the original, some other shots and the one I added to my growing folder of Scripture Photos. 
{Somewhere between home and Jenn's wedding}
{love love loooove those clouds!}

{taken in the car}


Becki said...

I am clapping so loudly for you in my mind!! (hehe, have to do it in my mind because the rest of the family is asleep).

Absolutely gorgeous photos, niecey!!

Darcie said...

Thanks so much Auntie!!! Love you :)