May 30, 2009

Yay Dawneee!!!

This is Dawn. She nicknamed me DarcieLue and I named her DawneeLue. There must be somethin between our spirits, wether we are "blood" family or not. I feel so drawn to her and I'm sure life would not be the same if I didnt know her. It wouldnt be as funny. She's funny. . . she married a funny. . . she had funny kids, well i dunno if matt is but he's with a funny. lol I'm makin myself laugh. ANYHOW she is my best friend even if I dont see her lately.
Once upon a time I was EXTREMELY lost, partly cuz I was 16 and on prozac, and partly because I had a huge secret that was tearing me apart. Sometimes when a child gets abused they hide inside themselves and thats what I did, as well as never telling anyone so there was no one to save me. Dawneelue was the one I could tell and cry to and pray with, she saved me prolly more than she knows. That connection between us grew, and then it turned into me also giving into God more than I knew how. God created Dawn so that I would have her when I needed her most. =)

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