May 29, 2009

I am struggling. Restless. Cant keep my house clean. Dont really look forward to the next day at work. Miss watching kids so much it make me cry. In the middle of it all I'm starting to get cravings because I'm havin a baby Dec. 1st. . . I ran out of pickles!!!. . . And as excited as I am I am also ready for a big change. I can feel it coming. So hopefully I'm ready. Here's a dream a friend just put in my mind: Start a daycare. With my background I could pull it off and it could be awesome. But I'm not a motivated person... I'm not sure I can do it, or where I would even do it. I could find a family that needs childcare and is willing for me to bring my own baby. But not sure if that would work for anyone. The whole point is to make enough...make what I'm worth after going to school...and raise my own child at the same time. WOW being a wife is hard.

I do know one thing though, that God is a great God. He will not give me more then I can handle, and He'd want me to dream big. Lord give me peace and strength in the mean time. . .

This is how I feel. Big world, small Dars.

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