September 9, 2009

another pregnant day

I see cars driving by, teenagers passing with their new backpacks and school clothes. Tree leaves are wiggling in the wind and even a butterfly passes by the window. Baby Azzy is busy in my belly with the hiccups and I could sit forever and just watch my tummy move to her little kicks and rolls and dances. I wanna buy her a little tutu outfit 'cause I think shes gunna be a dancer. Some people think Im barely pregnant and others that saw me before I started growing think I'm about to pop. I've got about 11 weeks left, or less according to momma.

I'm excited for little sighs and giggles. Tiny toes and pink hats and bows. Cant wait to see what she looks like. A mixture of Mondo and I. Curly hair or straight? Blue eyes or brown? I pray she has a stronger immune system than her mommy, so she doesnt grow up with allergies. I pray shes strong and that we can teach her to love, especially herself. I hope shes close to her Daddy and that he knows how great hes going to be.

I hope she learns at an early age what a wonderful God we have. That I'll have the energy day in and out to sit and teach her while we play. Keep the TV off and leave the music on more often. Take her on lots of walks and explain about everything we see. I hope she is well fed and diapered even if I cant get a job after she's born. And for all those nights I know I will need to be with her to hold and comfort, fix her bed and feed her, making sure she knows I'm always gunna be right there, I hope God gives me the balance when I'm tired and around the stairs, the rest so that none of my time spent with my daughter is dreaded no matter what hour it is, strength and health. I'm ready for a night without sneezing and blowing my nose. I'm ready for the day I can throw out my inhaler. I'm waiting for my eyes to never be itchy and my back to never hurt. I'm ready to sleep in my bed again with my husband without any complaints. I'm ready to be a mommy and a youth pastors wife. I'm ready Lord for the life you've given me.

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