September 9, 2009

25 Random Memories

1. The price is right, i lived with my grandma and we watched it every morning. And it being on is what triggered me writing this!
2. My sister MAKING me eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese when i was like 5. Mean sister!
3. My first kiss with Mondo, on valentines day no less! Sneaky man!
4. I used to love wearing overalls. . . why?? I have no clue
5. When Andrew and I wear little we went to 7-11 on our bikes (we lived in Nevada) and we got slushies. He dropped his and I was so upset for him I wanted to cry. I've always felt protective of him so little things like that would bug me. lol
6. Praying before bed, "now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the Lord my soul to keep. . . " Cant wait to teach my kids!
7. I miss playing mario cart and Yoshi
8. I have always liked bear and I dunno why, when I was really little I would sneak it! LOL
9. I was so mean to the neighbor girl :( God forgive me.
10. My family hat a dog when I was little, and I dont even remember the dog but I remember I had one and I couldnt say its name (Sidewalk) so It was my dog Walka. But to this day I dont like dogs so Im not sure why that one stands out so well lol
11. I almost drowned at a lake when I was little, someone dived off the boat to the raft and saved me :)
12. One year there was so much snow in Nevada that in the middle of the night, which was not that late prolly but its how I remember it, it looked like the middle of the day. Andrew and I could not sleep so we went outside to see the snow and mom and dad saw us and decided to push us into it. Dont remember if we liked that or not but i used to love the snow!
13. When I was 14 I was 5'4 now I'm 5'3, what the heck happened!!!
14. My favorite show was XFiles and Andrew hated it but I wanted to watch it everyday, and I would still but its not on til 11pm ::yawn!!::
15. My grandma (i used to live with her and my mom) counts how long it takes me to come back in the door after I leave because I ALWAYS forget something. Shes got the greatest laugh, maybe thats why I forget, so she could laugh about it :)
16. I taught my nephew at only like 7 or 8 months how to play patty cake, even though his dad takes all credit... it was his aunty =)
17. Before I really knew who God was I thought just the thought of Him was so awesome that in 5th grade I brought my bible to school and would read it to the best of my ability. And each morning the teacher would have us bow our heads and have "moments of silence." looking back now I think she was praying, which is comforting. The Lord works in mysterious ways eh? *smile*
18. I had a best friend named Matthew when I was 3. Everyone says he was my boyfriend.
19. I went to France :) Best experience of my life... though I dont want to go back lol. It was a christian leadership camp, and God did a whole lot in my life, but it was really draining to be there.
20. I was too shy in school, so bullys were mean to me :( cept jess, we were buds. Although...and this is her memory cuz i dont remember... i was mean to her in 6th grade. I guess I yelled at her.. I dunno, sorry jess!!
21. I broke my coller bone when I was little. Not so much fun.
22. I got married twice... to the same person :)
23. First time I met Mondo I was late to class and only seat was next to I forgot my book so he shared.. then after that I found out my aunt (in the same class as well) KNEW that we would be together. Good times! :-D
24. I couldnt stare at mondo when we met, but I could talk to him on the phone for hours!
25. When I prayed for my husband...before I met him... I remember being tired of "crushes" and having butterflies and then it wasnt ever anything. So one thing on my list was I dont ever wanna feel butterflies again and I never have with Mondo. Each of our "prayer lists" turned out to be everything we wanted in each other. Hes my best friend :)

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