December 25, 2009


12 days ago I gave birth to the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. (She looks like Mondo)
It started on a Tuesday… water didn’t break but I was in early labor. Nurses sent me home and through the night it went away almost completely. We called the DR and said now what? Because… I had been 4 cm dilated for weeks and she wanted me to have my baby on time. So we went in to see her that morning (Wednesday) and she said shed try to get us a bed at the birthing center the same day. She called much sooner than I thought because It was 11:30 and we were makin breakfast, I get a call and they say come in and we’ll break your water at 1. So that’s just about how it happened. Had her at 7:22 and life has changed completely.

Our friends brother and his wife lost there unborn baby. She would have been born at the same time as Azariah and this was just a few months ago. So we got into the habit of making sure she moved ok. Mondo would even wake me in the middle of the night to make sure we could wake her up and feel my tummy move around a bit. Then the day ‘Riah was born a friend of ours with a baby boy due in January lost him, not sure how, and we’re never sure why. But God gives and takes away. My heart is broken for her and as I spent time holding my child while she slept I sat on my bed and prayed and thanked God for everything that He is and does for my family. I told Him I receive His faith and love and forgiveness. I cried knowing He is taking care of us and loves us more than I could imagine. My heart was going out to Mindy and it turned out everything I prayed I also needed. Next day mondo lost his job… and I feel peace beyond understanding. God is good. We have a new bundle of joy and she has everything she could ever need, don’t even need to buy diapers for a long time. We are blessed beyond belief, He sure knows what he is doing because he made sure we were ok when the baby was born, and when my Mondo lost his job. He is our great provider….

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