November 4, 2009

36/37 weeks prego

So I had an appointment yesterday and I'm 2.5 cm dialted already. 50% effaced. Still have like 4 weeks to go or a little less but now everyone says shes comin soon. I'm so excited I couldnt sleep last night and its all I can think about. Soon soon soon I'm gunna have my little baby in my arms.
Anna and I (of course Alakai too) have started gettin pretty close, hangin out more. I love her coming over and us cooking new things. Tonight it was Shephards pie/meatloaf. YUM!!!!
Lets see.... some more updates... Trevor started calling me Darsh. He'll point out all my photos on the wall at his house and ask for me. Hes probably about 19 months now. I dunno where the time went. Cant believe hes not little anymore, now hes tall and talking and has a lot of curly red hair. My favorite little guy ever! ....
I'm sittin in youth group where Mondo and Hank are the youth pastors. Bryan and Mondo started the music and Riah started movin to it. Dr said she should move about 10 times in an hour! Thats hard to keep track of and I think she doesnt do that so I'm gunna have to try and see.
When she was smaller she moved so much I called her spazzy azzy. Mondo was told by a friend that Azzy is not such a good nickname and that Riah is much better.... probably less teasing in school. Riah is a cute name, we'll see when shes born what ill call her. I wont know until I see her. Maybe I'll even call her by her middle name McKenzie like Lindis daughter. Not sure....
After struggling and Mondo trying to get me to have more faith. I've finally come back to that place where I can trust God more in finances especially. I've got on WIC so theyre providing a lot of food for us. When Riah is born we'll be on food stamps to help. And yesterday I was approved for Oregon Health Plan...and the baby. I'll have to apply in january for me again but once I'm approved again then I can get off Mondos insurence and that will save us more than $200 a month! Crazy!
hmm. Not much I can think to update, althrough I know a lot has gone on. Maybe I'm just too distracted from all the movement from my tummy at the moment ;)
Lord thank you for my many blessings, and thank you for your perfect timing...whenever that is..cant wait!!!!

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