January 12, 2012

Embrace the Sunshine

We ventured out into the chilly sunshiny day. Not too far thought. Emery is not a pro at walking yet, so having to constantly tell Azariah to come back, hold a camera, and hold a little boys hand while he wobbles is a little hard. 
We had a lot of fun :) 
Then we went out and I found a new pair of jeans for $8!
A date night is in order. Something about new pants makes me really happy. 
Then some mascara and eye shadow and earrings. 
I don't know why your getting a play by play of my afternoon but what the heck ;)
I'm having a little trouble getting Riah on a good sleep schedule. So at the moment (almost 6pm) she is asleep on the couch from our OH-so-fun day. 
She goes to bed after 10 and usually wakes up at 6ish then goes back to bed until 10:30. 
I would much rather her go to bed at 8 and we get up earlier. Last time she went to bed that early her and her brother were up at 4am! 
This may be why i drink so much Dr. Pepper. Or maybe because its good, I can't decide. 
I'm off to eat some goldfish and wait for Vampire Diaries to come on. Maybe do the dishes and fold some more clothes. Man my kids have more clothes than me its not cool. 
Oh yea, I got new jeans, I'm GOOD!
Bless you Bubba


Jennifer said...

Where'd you get new jeans? I'm going on a date Saturday! Then Adam is leaving Sunday for 4 days.

Collie said...

terrific photos.......great day for you guys....

emily anderson said...

oh my goodness, that last photo. way to catch the snot in mid air!

looks like a fun day in the sunshine!

Darcie Santoyo said...

It was an awesome day :)

Dawnee said...

I love your new blog layout! You did an AMAZING job! Love the photos of my little growing up kiddos!! What in the heck? Where has the time gone?????

Collie said...

All of your photos are so full of life...they are wonderful. And the new header is terrific. Thanks for sharing. It is so perfectly you.

Pidg said...

Ahh! I love the pictures...they are oh so sweet!! And I love your blog makeover it's wonderful! P.s. I want new jeans bad ;)

Laura said...

I totally know what you mean about the Dr. Pepper. I feel like I could have written that sentence. And where did you get jeans for so cheap?! Even at Goodwill, they are 20 bucks! Nice work.