January 11, 2012

Who are these kids??

Time goes so unbelievably fast with these kids. They are only 1 and 2 years old 
but I feel like I'm going to forget 
when they were less than 7lbs. 
When they didn't mind 
me cuddling them and 
hugging them. 

I hope I do right by them. I hope I show them as a parent and a friend who Christ is. 
I hope they grow up to be as funny 
as Daddy. To be s mart and polite. 
Respectful and loving. 

Emery is walking. Well, almost! He claps. He knows some sign language. He loves his bottle and his blanky. He loves the itsy 
bitsy spider and does the hand 
motions. He runs to the door 
when Daddy gets home, I 
love seeing him that 
Riah talks and talks and talks and sings and sings and sings. She loves Tangled and 
calls it "my Yangled." She also loves 
her blanky and will not sleep with any 
other! She loves Adele and the 
Alphabet. She can draw circles. 
That's all she draws. She 
drinks out of a big girl cup 
and thinks when I make 
her brother a bottle 
she has to be 
the one to 
bring it to 

I love my little people. 


Dawnee said...

I love your little people too!!!! You have awesome little people!

Collie said...

These little people have an awesome mom.....keep your journals up; they will come in handy. Wonderful!