October 27, 2009

Thank you Lord for Azariah

A friend of ours just lost her nephew. His mom was pregnant, as far along as I am. And he passed away before he was born. God gives, and He takes away... I know theyll meet him one day but it is sad and hard to think about when I'm still pregnant. So when we go through moments where shes sleepin and not movin around Mondo puts his face on my tummy and asks her to move for daddy... we poke at her and turn the music on and wait for her to dance around just in case... the more she moves the better.
That mothering instinct kicked in so early on. I've always loved children and couldnt wait to have one, but it feels a little different like its not because of that. Its like if I never liked kids much at all and then I got pregnant there was this all of a sudden love and affection toward the little person growing with me... And I feel like a mom, a parent, even before shes here. And because of the fact that I know so much about kids and I went to nanny school, have so much experience, it doesnt stop me from wondering what the heck im gunna do, how im gunna do it, how will i deal with different issues, because it is all bran new for me. God is givin me the confidence though that we're gunna do great. 4 weeks left until her due date. 3 days left at work. I hope I can take it slow, not stress and just have fun while we get settled. Then I'll look for a nanny job... we'll see what the Lord has planned for our future. I cant wait!!!!!
Cant wait to see Mondo with her.
Cant wait to see her in all the clothes we've got for her.
Cant wait to show her off to all my family.
Cant wait to see what shes gunna look like.
Cant wait to read her little books and teach her songs.
I just cant hardly wait for it all!!!!!

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