October 27, 2009

love stress and thankfulness

Last night I told Mondo that I didnt like being pregnant. What I ment was the part of the pregnancy that makes me moody and makes stress seem 10 times worse... I dont like that. He's right in saying I've waited my whole life for this and I am loving it. Thing is (especially this week) we have been so snappy at each other. I'm stubborn and when he stresses he gets frustrated with things and its like we just need to be a lone. BUT at the same time I dont want to be anywhere but right with him, I am more in love with him now than ever and getting irritated at each other is really messin with me and him.
I may not be keeping up on the housework, but I want to. I think I have it in me to be one of those stay at home moms who gets everything done and is content with her husband working for the family. I think I'm being lazy maybe because I only have a few weeks left to be me, to be free to hang out and do the things I want while I'm not workin. And once Azariah comes who knows how long until I get into a good routine.
Mondo I love you, am in love with you, I enjoy your company so much and I cant wait to hang out at home with you and the baby. I'm sorry I get grumpy. I hate that Im stubborn. Wish I could relax more and pray God will help me to embrace life as it is. I wanna make the most of what we have and I know (and thank God) that we are so blessed in so many ways.

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