October 24, 2009

A few things ill never forget.

I had a lot of fun writing random memories in a post a while back... I think its time to think of some more.

1. Mondo taking me shooting, I think I was a better shot ;)

2. All nighter at church, waking up to the worship team coming in the front door when we were supposed to be awake to greet them!!

3. Getting married twice and hearing Dawn laugh above the quiet shocked guests as they all found out what we did...

4. Playing in the snow on the way to school in 5th grade.

5. Crying because Andrew dropped his slushy from 7-11 and I felt terrible for him. ( I was 10 he was 7)

6. First job with Andrew was a paper route, and in the nursing home we went to there was one resident that baught us candy bars every week as a thank you.

7. Mondo waking me up at 3:30 am and turning on all the lights because he needed to read again what happened in the 4th twilight book... so shocked and tired from reading all night that he didnt know it was almost 4am!

8. First time I felt Azariah kick, I sat up for a half hour with my hand on my belly just watching it with a smile on my face.

9. Trevor meeting me at his front door and hugging my leg when I came in the house, cause I hadnt visited in a week or more.

10. When Mondo made my PB & J for me he cut it up all nice, toasted the bread, added banana slices and a little syrup over the top. I just wanted a simple sandwhich and he made me feel a little extra special :)

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