February 2, 2010


We had kind of a hard night. Well Mondo is snoozin' away so maybe just I did? :-P
We've been struggling with ants in our place, not always a trail that you can follow and then get rid of with taro ant killer.... Random ants. I go to the bathroom and see a couple. I go to bed and see a few. I'm taking Azariahs bib off and theres an ant under it. Yea! I turn the bedroom light on and see some on the light/fan. I look further.... the chain is covered. It's right above our bed and 'Riahs cradle. TONS of ants. And now they know we've found them and they're running for their lives, i've never seen ants move so fast!
When we first moved in there was a bigger ant problem. So bad they were fallin from the ceiling more often than this last week... it was way worse. So bad that it was winter and when we woke up the outline of Mondos body was just ants everywhere on the bed. In my ear... cannot believe that even happened. And it happened twice. It's not a good thing when you go to clean your ears and theres not earwax on the Q-tip, but an ant!
So with all this I'm leading to us sleeping in the living room again on the air mattress. We didnt get to bed til after 1. My baby Bug Azariah (shes attracted to the light so i call her bug lol) just watched us the whole time in her bouncer. Well we all get to sleep, I'm grumpy by then and we wake up on the floor. Theres a hole in the mattress. . . . So 5 or 6 am were blowing it up again with tape on the hole so we could get a few more hours of sleep before were on the floor again. AHHH!!! I'm tired and theres too much to do to go back to bed.
Take out all the recycling and pop cans.
Prayer meeting.
Spray the house, kill the bugs.
Go to WIC before they close.
Go to moms and do laundry.
and in between all this feed and pump and change babies diapers.
Productive day ahead...

The ants go marching one by one hoorah hoorah. . .

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