February 5, 2010

Title? why do i need a title?

I know Its not even Jan. anymore but I blog on the laptop and then forget to actually put it on here when I get online :-P

Jan. 6th

Well for starters, I thought today was the 5th. I hardly know what the date is lately. I am finding it hard to juggle bills, cleaning, taking care of my baby and finding time to pump so she has breast milk. It all jumbles together and the clutter gets worse and the dishes stack up and the laundry. . . And, and, and. . . I just need to stop complaining I think. Only way to get motivated is to just do it right?

Oh yea and I just figured out it was the 5th all day. I started writing in my blog after midnight which makes it the next day… which makes it time for bed now that ‘Riah is finally asleep. For the night? I wish. If im lucky ill get 4 hours but we’ll see.

It’s raining, the love of my life is sleeping next to me, and my little angel in her cradle on my other side… When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed I need to remember that. All this greatness in the stillness, theres no reason for me to be unhappy.
Praise God for my life :)

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