February 5, 2010

Bible study for MOMs

I've come to realize I do not read the bible enough. I admit its hard for me, and I would be more inclined to go through a bible study book that has scripture to look up... than read the bible these days. Almost every day I tell myself to read it, to go through the Life Journal daily reading, and almost every day I dont do it.
God is calling,
I'm not listening.
Forgive me . . .

So this is my plan. Because I know its not just hard for me but for a lot of people I know to stay in the Word. I found a book that I'm going to go through by myself. A Mom After God's Own Heart: 10 Ways To Love Your Children. And if its good I'm going to get together with friends who are also moms so we can fellowship, pray and encourage each other to be in the word. I know 3 people who are interested and 3 more that I could invite. All of us with kids that could play together as we all fellowship.
Getting things done while getting "mommy" things done is hard....    like for instance, I want to work out, read the word and spend time in deap prayer every day, keep up on housework, blog, scrapbook, and I find myself being very lazy. I've had enough of my laziness!!!!

So I'm pretty much excited for this MOMs fellowship. I'm a little nervous because not sure how Ill do heading it up, which is why Id rather us all go through the book on our own time and then get together to talk about it. The other thing is my house is too small, we could try it but if enough ladies want to come we gotta do it somewhere bigger. I'm pretty darn excited!

When I write down my goals I seem to keep them on my mind longer and get more motivated to get them all done. So here we go:

First off this weekend Im working on getting my WHOLE house clean and clutter free. Then Im planning on:
Get the dishes done everyday
pick up baby items laying around
vacuum once a week
get the laundry done, all done!!! then try to keep on it so its not laying around the house!!!
I find myself lately telling myself to "do a thorough job" while im cleaning, so that little pile of dirt in the corner that the broom "forgot" Im making sure its not forgotten. Told you im lazy...
Read scripture daily
Shower daily and put on some makeup

I know theres many things I want to keep up on but those are on my mind right now...

I'm a stay at home mom to a now 2 month old little girl. Not because my hubby has an amazing job and we can afford for me to. But because we cant afford daycare and I'm a nanny... I feel Ill be the best teacher for my own baby. In fact we cant really afford much but the food on the table. Mondo isnt workin yet after losing his job. Focussing on ministry until God provides another job... anyhow I'm home and Im ready to give up being lazy, get motivated and in the word and closer to God, because this is a full time job, its my life!!

Father I pray this isnt just another good idea and I lose track of it... but that Itll happen. I'm not the only mommy who loves you and wants more of you in my life and childs life, and im not the only mom who needs to get out and meet more people. Guide us together through your word, provide a place for us to do that, the boldness for me to start this up and the motivation to not just do this but keep up on my household as I take care of my little family. Forgive me for my complaints when I know I'm truely blessed... Take my sin. Forgive me. I love you so. . .  

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