February 5, 2010

Jan 18th

I have to say that I had an awesome day. Got up while my family was snoring away and got ready. Mondo went to the gym with a friend and Azariah and I cuddled on the couch on top of all her clean clothes. I fell asleep so close to her face that she kept punching my face… she sleeps usually with her hands in fists by her cheeks. Woke up from a great nap and met up with a friend for coffee and to meet her beautiful little girl (can’t wait to see them again!!) Ran into my cousin and then again at his apartment building. Haven’t hung out with him and his fiancĂ© and little girl for a while.. I really enjoyed it :) I then came home to a clean desk, halfway cleaned kitchen and my husband wanting to hang out with me.

There’s so many moments I want to capture. Like my baby in her cradle right here next to my bed - and shes falling asleep by herself. I want to remember staying up late taking care of her and watching Criminal Minds until midnight. I laugh every time I leave the house because the neighbors little dog things its so mighty and chases me down the path. After a year or more of living here you would think that dog would like me by now….. I hope to somehow have the means to bless people like I’ve been so blessed. For example - a friend putting new pants in my mailbox, not even knowing I desperately needed them…. All the money that’s been given and loaned to us to keep us afloat… and the funds there for people in need like we’ve been. We don’t have much lately but we sure will not go hungry! I want to remember these moments because someday I will be in a whole different place. With different blessings and hardships, different people and thoughts and a baby that wont be a baby forever… Tonight I am thankful and I am loved… And I will never forget when I laid my baby down to rest, I quietly just stared and with her new talent, she looked at me and smiled and said hi.

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