October 22, 2010

it would be kinda cool if my memories could write themselves down... my mind is full but i dont really wanna empty it.  this week has me soo exausted.mondo has a new phone so thats what im on now and i havnt figured out how to capitalize anything hehe.
so anyhow...  my god is good. im stressed and overwhelmed and tired and stinky. yup im stinky. i need a shower and need to wash about  five loads of laundry. were moving. im so excited for that, two bedrooms and a normal kitchen yayyayay...  still gotta come up with the deposit but like i said god is good.  i cant wait for things to get more normal and especially with baby emery on his way.
emery vincent, he moves a lot more than riah did. nights are crazy its like hes in a hampster wheel in my tummy rolling and rolling.
alrighty im too sleepy for this tonight. lets see if itll upload any photos....

lord jesus guide us closer to you, help us to make good desitions and i pray for your blessings and peace and rest.   and a job for mondo and and and and and...  i love u

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