November 20, 2010

Prayer for my baby

Proverbs 31 Ministries: has been a huge blessing. When I'm down or confused and cant get myself to pick up a devotional or even God's word...  I look at the days devotion on their blog and am always amazed. God gets ahold of me and speaks to me just like if I were to call him on the phone. What we need to hear is always right in front of us.
So while looking through some of the topics on their blog I was getting inspired to pray, and sometimes its easier for me to write out my prayers. Plus i've been encouraged to have a journal of prayers for my kiddo's so thats where I'll start.

November 19th, 2010 (13 days until Azariah is 1)
Of course I've prayed for you before, but it was never written down to be saved...  here is my heart for you baby girl. You're still so very young. Learning things like what "no" means, and even how to tell me "no no no." You love to sing, especially the Itsy Bitsy Spider. And you love to give kisses.
I sometimes wonder if you see angels. If you remember your creator or if you've yet to meet. He created you, every single part of you. And He loves you. Every single part of you. I pray that you grow up knowing that. When I'm forgetful and lose my step I hope and pray that it doesnt put a damper on your relationship with the Lord. I ask that He will direct your steps so clearly, and though we sometimes choose to not take the clearly marked path... I pray you dont lose your way. I hope you know I'm always here for you and if theres a question I cant answer quickly then I will use all the resourses I have to find the best answer. I pray you fall in love with your creator and His Word. The bible is life. I pray that I get better at prayer over you so that you see it and hear it...  I want to be a good example and then you can be a good example for your baby brother who is almost here. I pray God's armor over you baby...  that you are protected heart and soul and mind. I love you so much and so does daddy.


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